Our Mission & Social Responsibility
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The company Janela da Natureza understands how its mission and social responsibility, as a commitment to society and the environment. The management model is responsible and ethical in the execution of commercial operations and in the reactions with the interlocutors. The purpose is to contribute to the development of a society and a fairer environment.


The social responsibility policies of the company “Janela da Natureza” are governed by principles to be applied to the business of the company – Graciosa Resort:

1. a) Good corporate management, understood as the application of ethical behavior in all aspects of management and administration of the company;
2. b) Permanent innovation, understood as an active concern for the improvement of products and services, in a profitable way and with respect for people and the environment;
3. c) Good working environment, favoring professional development, or equal opportunities and diversity and functional diversity at work;
4. d) Orientation to the quality and excellence of the service as a form of event for the continuation that our clients deposit us;
5. e) Concern for the human, formative and social economic development of the communities where the company is present;
6. f) Commitment for the preservation of the environment and respect for fauna and flora, always with the conviction that sustainable economy is the right way.
7. g) All company personnel are governed by rules, principles and values in order to define conduct and responsible behavior. Janela da Natureza, Lda., is firmly committed to being a responsible corporate entity in all areas of its business and to conduct business in an honest, ethical and lawful manner.

The different interest groups that participate in the company’s social responsibility policies Janela da Natureza are the following:

– Administrators. These are the main driver of the company because they consider that only in this way can a more just and equitable society develop. They make the company an engine of this philosophy;
– Employees. The company as such has a commitment to its employees through the promotion and development of policies that guarantee the principles of equity and equal opportunities and, that allow, professional development appropriate to an environment of quality and safety at work.
– Customers. The main reason for the economic activity of the company Janela da Natureza, concentrates and integrates the vision of its clients in the policies of social responsibility, facilitating their participation in the management of the company and so that existing good practices result in its own benefit;
– Suppliers. They are a fundamental part of the value chain, reason why its integration within the policies of social responsibility of the company Janela da Natureza is fundamental, to guarantee the proper functioning of the same and to help in the diffusion and sensitization in matters of social responsibility, the partners so that the environment is respected beyond the physical space of the company.
– Society. The social responsibility policies of the company Janela da Natureza. They are aimed at developing a more just and equitable society, where cooperation with public bodies, social agents and entities with social ends is fundamental in promoting social responsibility.
The social responsibility of the company Janela da Natureza, is based on the worldwide ethical code for tourism OMT. (it’s a volunteer commitment within the framework of global reference for responsible and sustainable tourism).

Its main indicator is beyond the UNWTO code, the standard for social responsibility. SA8000, developed and adapted to the reality of the company Janela da Natureza.

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