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Diving – Graciosa’s connection to the sea is naturally … perfect. The seas of the Azores is considered by many, a destination of choice for diving.

Considered the island of Graciosa, as the capital for underwater photography, it was the place chosen throughout Europe to hold the first European Championship of Underwater Photography. The beauty is really rare…

This first European Championships was played by 30 Athletes, of which 15 photographers and 15 models, distributed by 9 countries: Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey and Portugal, the organizing country.

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Graciosa Island offers a wide variety of dive sites, and the small size of this island allows you to take several dives all over the island, from the village of Santa Cruz or Vila de S. Mateus (Beach), depending on the weather conditions.
Some of the most popular dive sites on this island are probably the Terceirense shipwreck that sits in front of the entrance of the port of Praia, 21m deep on the east coast of Graciosa Island, and the magnificent cave of Carapacho, which is in one of the Ilhéus of Carapacho. Also the northeast coast of the island offers excellent dive sites known and coveted by regular visitors to this island, especially the casualties near the village of Santa Cruz, such as Baixa do Ferreiro de Fora and Baixa do Pesqueiro Longo, which have a large number of shoals of pelagic fish, mere and colorful coral-black ramades.

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The Surf Azores archipelago given its geographical situation is a region of excellence for the practice of wave sports. The morphology of the different islands makes it possible to practice surfing, Bodyboarding, Sup, windsurfing in various contexts, beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks.

EDP Mar Sem Fim, a pioneer project of discovery of large waves, unknown and unexplored in Portugal, made a five-day expedition to Graciosa, confirming the island’s potential for large-wave surfing. (Link of the news:

In fact, have you thought about leaving the room, grabbing the board, walking a few meters, jumping into the sea and surfing perfect waves, giant and mysterious? Exciting! Well … it’s here on Graciosa Island and if you’re staying at Graciosa Resort, it’s perfectly normal! Voila!

Other activities that you can explore on Graciosa Island is the fishing, we also have a connection to the sea that provides shore exploration for kayak or boat. The bays of Santa Cruz, of Folga and of Praia lend themselves to activities such as rowing, sailing or windsurfing.

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