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The Parties of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres are celebrations of religious and civil character celebrated in the second week of August.

In addition to the Procession of Senhor Santo Cristo and bullfights, are organized various musical performances, with performance of folkloric ranches, filling the island of life and joy.

In addition to the religious festivals, there is also the White Island Festival, annually with several performances of local and renowned musicians in the national panorama and closing the concerts, the DJs jump to the stage, with entertainment guaranteed by the night inside.

Carnival in Graciosa is very much alive and excited, several weeks before, dances start all over the island in different recreational or sports associations, where you have a flag hoisted there will be the ball. In these days the masquerade balls, Costumes parades take place and on carnival Friday there is the Night of Costumes. On Carnival Sunday there is always a parade of all the different Costumes of collectivities in the municipal pavilion. It begins at the end of December and takes place in several locations, until the day of entrudo – Carnival Day.

And so is the carnival revelry on Graciosa Island. The best carnival in the world. But do not tell anyone…

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