graceful tastes of tradition
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Graciosa Island is also rich in graceful flavors of tradition. Here you can find one of the best garlic in the world, Graciosa garlic with a flavor so intense that you will feel like the garlic really tastes, really. The Graciosa melon is also one of the rich, tasty and intense products, and is an active part in gastronomic festivals, in the cuisine of the author or even in the diversified offer of it, whether with ice cream or with liquor of Angelica da Graciosa, an ex-libris. The famous molhanga used in fresh fish is so tasty that the first time you eat it, you will not believe it. Also not easy to get the traditional molhanga, being a recipe of few for much demand. And one cannot fail to mention one of the best business cards on the island of Graciosa, the famous Queijada da Graciosa, the brand of the Azores, which is the typical souvenir of Graciosa’s heart.

We still have liqueurs, brandy, wines, jams, cheeses, etc., there is so much to taste and delight the palate that we extrapolate to Pavlov’s Theory and salivate to listen, GRACIOSA!

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